Offspring / Subject to Change / Gods and Dogs

Offspring / Subject to Change / Gods and Dogs


Guest Performance of Nederlands Dans Theater II

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall

Gods and Dogs
Choreography: Jiří Kylián
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven and Dirk Haubrich
Set Design: Jiří Kylián
Costume Design: Joke Visser
Light Design: Kees Tjebbes
Assistant to choreographer: Gerald Tibbs

Subject to Change
Choreography: Lightfoot León
Music: Franz Schubert
Set and Costume Design: Lightfoot León
Light Design: Tom Bevoort

Subject to Change is an expressive ballet with which Lightfoot León underline their qualities and allow the dancers to shine. Set to Schubert’s compelling Death and the Maiden, it is moving. Once you’ve seen this ballet, listening to this piece of music shall never be the same. On the stage, a carpet as red as blood unfolds, now the basis for an oppressive duet between a man and a fragile girl, the next moment a playing field for a swirling group dance.

Choreography: Lukáš Timulák
Set Design: Lukáš Timulák, Peter Biľak and Tom Visser
Costume Design: Tomoko Inamura
Light Design: Tom Visser
Assistant to choreographer: Urtzi Aranburu

Nederlands Dans Theater has encouraged its own dancers for years and offers them the chance to explore and develop their talents. In ‘UpComing Choreographers’ and ‘Switch | from dancer to choreographer’ they are given the chance to choreograph the group. This season Timulak was asked again to make a new work for Nederlands Dans Theater ll’s young dancers. Together with his tight and structured ballets this creates a very modern and contemporary experience. When thinking of an idea of this dance piece, Lukáš Timulak couldn’t stop thinking about that fact that the premiere coincided perfectly with the due date of his baby to be. Quite naturally, the upcoming birth of his child became a strong source of inspiration of the new creation. Furthermore, Peter Bilak, who helped with visual aspects of the piece had a baby just a few months earlier. ‘Offspring’ captures this unique experience of life in a form of a dance performance. It is a highly personal piece, which should however work even without knowing about Lukáš’ situation.