Much Ado about Nothing

William Shakespeare

Much Ado about Nothing


Vo Veľa kriku pre nič sa stretáva niekoľko kontrastných párov, ktorých cesta k láske je rozmanitá. Pomerne drsne, čo v Shakespearových komédiách nie je nič nezvyčajné, sa okolie zahráva s citmi mladých ľudí a žije zábavou na ich účet.

The new SND building, Drama hall
15. 6. 2013 16. 6. 2013

The world of Shakespeare’s comedies is not only an entertainment but a special universe, where many things and relationships are turned up-end, where also the mysterious hidden part of the love is shown. In the play Much Ado about Nothing several contrast couples meet and their ways to enjoy love are different. It is nothing new in Shakespeare’s comedies that the environment plays rather rough games with the feelings of young people and they make fun of them. Emotional immaturity, impulsive aggression, naïve romanticism, possible caginess, existential fears principally define the behaviour of the characters. Is it really much ado about nothing when it is about honour, love and true emotions?

Running time: 2 hrs 45 mins wit one interval

Production Team

Translated by Ľubomír Feldek
Directed by Juraj Nvota
Set design Tomáš Rusín
Choreography Assistance Štefan Capko
Videoart Petr Hloušek


Claudio Tomáš Vravník (as a guest)
Benedick Milan Ondrík
Leonato Jozef Vajda
Hero Gabriela Mihalčínová (as a guest)
Margaret Adela Mojžišová (as a guest)
Ursula Jana Kovalčiková (as a guest)
Boy, Messenger Lukáš Dóza (as a guest)
Borachio Daniel Žulčák (as a guest)