Robert Wilson on the SND stage

Robert Wilson on the SND stage


The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall

Multi-talented theatre director, conceptual artist and designer Robert Wilson is coming to Bratislava to reveal the workings of his creative mind to the Slovak general public. The Slovak National Theatre (SND) in cooperation with the Pavleye Art and Culture Agency and J & T Banka brings to Slovakia a unique performance and creative lecture by artistic visionary Robert Wilson named 1 Have you been here before? and 2 No This Is The First Time.

The audience experiences a personal meeting and direct interaction with a unique artist whose creative trajectory has significantly influenced the development of international theatre.
This unique three-hour presentation by the famous theatre director and stage director Robert Wilson is an intimate self-portrait of his creative process through which he leaves the audience with an insight into his fascinating aesthetic universe. "There is no exact script for this performances. Bob has prepared its outline, but how the evening develops largely depends on the reactions and audience participation "- states Slovak National Gallery exhibition curator Noah Khoshbin.

During this evening Wilson additionally utilises video projection to refer to his core iconic work from plays such as Deafman Glance, A Letter for Queen Victoria, Einstein on the Beach (created with music composer Philip Glass), The CIVIL warS and The Black Rider. The audience will not even remain deprived of the staging process of developing other renowned works of opera and drama.

The project is a tie-in with Wilson’s Slovak gallery debut – The ROBERT WILSON exhibition: VIDEO PORTRAITS

The performance will be in English (Simultaneous headphone translation available)

Ticket price: €10

Biography: American Robert Wilson (born 4 October 1941) is an artist of many arts. Robert’s home base is the theatre, but over the past decade he has increasingly appeared in other artistic environments - Creating his own installations, exhibiting (and auctioning) props from his theatrical performances and staging exhibitions by other artists and fashion houses (The Wilson exhibition – Armani, Guggenheim branches). Robert (Bob) Wilson today is essentially a mainstream multimedia artist and a premiere artistic celebrity who which "flies" between theatre, film and gallery. The once radical avant-garde Wilson nowadays deals mainly with adaptations of classics (he recently staged Janáček’s Káťa Kabanovova and The Makropulos Affair in Prague and is preparing 1914).