Co-production project of the National Theatre Prague, The Slovak National Theatre and Víg Színház Budapest marking the centenary of the break of the First World War

The new SND building, Drama hall
28. 10. 2014

The story of the good soldier Svejk, the key novel of Czech literature, is an ironic smirk at the war and its absurdity. It creatively encounters the anti-war opus by Karl Krause The Last Moments of Mankind. The magician of modern theatre Robert Wilson turns all this into a contemporary cabaret filled with scenic images, music and surprising humour in the parable of not merely 1914, but particularly of our live today, hundred years after the beginning of the atrocious war that actually launched the 20th century. An impressive production about Europe, its optimists and pessimists (overseen by the eternal Time) is a unique project that brings together the elite of Czech, Slovak and Hungarian drama theatre with some of the defining names of world´s theatre.

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins with no interval