Emma Dante



Voľná adaptácia jednej z rozprávok Giambattistu Basileho zo zbierky Lo cunto de li cunti.

The new SND building, Studio

Emma Dante – playwright, actress and film director. Laureate of four Ubu Awards, Scenario Award and of the Golden Gral. She is one of the most remarkable figures in contemporary Italian theatre. Her plays explore the theme of family, family relations and decline through the poetics of tension and madness, which is ultimately crowned with humour.

The play Skinned is an adaptation of one of the tales by the Italian Baroque writer Giambattista Basile (1566 – 1632). He compiled a collection of fifty fairy-tales entitled A Tale of Tales (Lo cunto de li cunti) or anecdotes for the youngest, also known as Pentamerone. Basile created an impressive and sophisticated world inspired by folk tales and stories that emerged among plain folk. The Neapolitan dialect used by his characters, filled with jargon, proverbs and folk invectives is, in terms of form and content, theatre in itself with humorous scenes somewhere between comedia dell’arte and Shakespearean dialogues.

Skinned is a wild ride in disguise and magic, irony and entertainment that gives rise, as it happens in fairy-tales, to inherent dose of tragedy. Emma Dante describes her performance: “On an empty stage a tale starts to evolve narrated by a storyteller. He ultimately blends with the characters – men who find themselves in female roles, precisely to the model of 18th-century theatre tragedy. They tell us a tale of two old ladies and a king. Humour, profanity and fear are the prime ingredients in the fairy-tale tht aims to speak to all who managed to grow old whilst never becoming mature.”

Text and directed by: Emma Dante
Set and costumes design: Emma Dante
Lighting: Cristian Zucaro

Cast: Salvatore D’Onofrio, Carmine Maringola

The performance is held as part of the Italian festival in Slovakia – Dolce Vitaj / Dolce welcome