Polish Blood

Oskar Nedbal

Polish Blood


One of Oskar Nedbal's most fascinating pieces that remains a gem in the theatre repertoire. Operette in three acts.

The historical SND building
16. 6. 2018 19:00 h - 22:10 h

Schedule of performances

Friday 16. 11. 2018
19:00 h 22:10 h
In sales
Tuesday 11. 12. 2018
19:00 h 22:10 h
In sales
Thursday 17. 1. 2019
19:00 h 22:10 h
In sales
Tuesday 26. 2. 2019
19:00 h 22:10 h
In sales
Saturday 13. 4. 2019
19:00 h 22:10 h
In sales
Monday 15. 4. 2019
11:00 h 14:10 h
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Nedbal doesn’t require much introduction to our audiences. The musician of European standing has shaped the Slovak National Theatre throughout its early years. He has entered history not merely as an outstanding conductor, but he also earned his rightful place in the world’s leading opera houses and concert halls as an authentic composer. The operetta Polish Blood has become his most fascinating piece that remains a gem in the theatre repertoire. The humorous piece tells a story of the landowner Bolek Baranski whose impish lifestyle and cronies brought him on the brink of bankruptcy. He hopes to solve his financial plight by marriage. The idea comes upon recommendation from his wealthy friend Zaremba who offers him his daughter Helena. When it comes to finance, such approach to problem solving is bound to entail a lot of difficulties and unexpected twists. The performance is thus studded with humorous situations. The conductor Marián Vach will première his own musical staging at the SND Opera. Directed by Marián Chudovský, the production is a showcase of a number of leading soloists and guest performers.


Predstavenie uvádzame v rámci Festivalu európskeho divadla SND Eurokontext.sk.

Production Team

Musical Preparation Marián Vach
Directed by Marián Chudovský
Slovenský preklad Ján Štrasser
Choreography Igor Holováč
Chorusmaster Ladislav Kaprinay


Jan Zaremba Gustáv Beláček
Helena Zarembová Eva Hornyáková
Boleslaw Baranski Miroslav Dvorský
Bronio von Popiel Martin Gyimesi
Wanda Kwasinska Petra Nôtová
Jadwiga Pawlova Jitka Sapara-Fischerová
Gurski Igor Pasek
Senowicz Jiří Zouhar
Slečna von Drygalska Daria Ďurišová
Kontesa Jozia Napolska Mária Štúrová
Wlastek Martin Ešek