Giuseppe Verdi



Opera in four acts in the Italian language.

The historical SND building
17. 3. 2018 18:00 h - 21:00 h

Schedule of performances

Tuesday 29. 10. 2019
19:00 h 22:00 h
In sales
Friday 31. 1. 2020
19:00 h 22:00 h
In sales

Verdi created an image of an excentrical couple in his Macbeth: the Lord and Lady Macbeth are two poor dehumanised beings; their relationship oscillates between a caricature of a marriage and a cruel fight for power. But both of them are also cruel conspirators longing after the power, obsessed with a burning need to fill their empty souls.

Running time: 3 hrs with two intervals

Production Team

Directed by Marián Chudovský
Set design Jozef Ciller
Chorusmaster Ladislav Kaprinay


Lady Macbeth Adriana Kohútková
Dvorná dáma Eva Šeniglová
Sluha Lady Macbeth Daniel Hlásny
Sprisahanec Ladislav Uhrák
Prvé zjavenie Miriam Maťašová