The Tales of Hoffmann

Jacques Offenbach

The Tales of Hoffmann


Opera in three acts with a prologue and epilogue performed in French

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
15. 5. 2020 19:00 h - 22:15 h

Schedule of performances

Saturday 9. 11. 2019
19:00 h 22:15 h
In sales
Wednesday 18. 12. 2019
19:00 h 22:15 h
In sales
Friday 15. 5. 2020
19:00 h 22:15 h
In sales
Monday 18. 5. 2020
11:00 h 14:15 h
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The French operatic opus from the period of Romanticism contains a range of quite diverse works. Nonetheless, one of the operas is particularly mysterious. During his fruitful life, Jacques Offenbach composed ninety-nine operas, though only a single genuine opera. The Tales of Hoffmann, opéra fantastique, presents a mysterious confession of the poet Hoffmann who reminisces about his loves in fantasy context. As an ordinary mortal he keeps altering his past, making some things prettier, deforming others. Yet, in principle, he dreams of it, idealises it and dwells in the beauty of his three muses – Antonia, Olympia and Giulietta. As it happens in life, the reality is far crueller than fantasy; awakening tends to be more bitter than a dream. 

Running time: 3 hrs 15 mins with two interval

Subtitles: sk

Production Team

Musical Preparation Tomáš Brauner
Chorus Master Pavel Procházka
Directed by Pavol Smolík
Set design Jaroslav Valek
Videoprojections Martin Kákoš
Choreography Jaroslav Moravčík
Dramaturg Martin Bendik


Giulietta Linda Ballová
Lindorf/Coppélius/Miracle/ Dapertutto Gustáv Beláček
Nathanaël/Cochenille/Frantz/ Pitichinaccio Martin Gyimesi
Crespel/Luther Martin Malachovský
Hermann/Schlémil Ján Ďurčo
Andrés/Spalanzani Ján Babjak Ivan Ožvát
Matka Antonie (hlas) Jitka Sapara-Fischerová