Gift voucher

1. Gift vouchers can be used to buy tickets and SND printed material only in SND Box Offices.
2. Gift voucher is deemed to be a security: forgery shall be punished by law.
3. Types of gift vouchers:
Gift voucher in the value of € 20;
Gift voucher in the value of € 35;
Gift voucher in the value of € 50.

4. Each gift voucher bears a dedicated identifier – numeric code.
5. Gift vouchers may be used for performances scheduled for the period of the validity of the gift voucher
6. When purchasing tickets using gift vouchers, SND does not give cash back on price.
7. If the ticket price is higher than the value of the gift voucher, customers shall pay the balance in cash or by card
8. When paying for tickets using gift vouchers, customers are welcome to use several gift vouchers and to combine different types of gift vouchers.
9. SND does not provide new / replacement of lost or damaged gift vouchers.
10. There is no cashback on gift vouchers. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for gift vouchers with different period of validity.
11. Gift vouchers can be purchased in SND Box Offices
12. SND gift vouchers are VAT exempt.
13. . Unless otherwise stated in this section, terms and condition set out elsewhere in these GTC apply also to gift vouchers

SND gift voucher specimen 2020/2021 valid until 30 June 2022:

SND gift voucher specimen 2021/2022 valid until 31 Dezember 2022: