Le Corsaire

Marius PetipaAdolphe Charles Adam

Le Corsaire


Ballet in two Acts

The historical SND building

The ballet Le Corsaire is one of the works that originated in France, however its existence on the world-famous stages is connected with the glory of the Russian Imperial Ballet. The inspiration for this ballet came from Lord Byrone's poem Le Corsaire published in 1814. It is a story about love between corsaire Conrad and a beautiful slave, Medora, about abduction of attractive women, lovesick pasha Sidi set in exotic surroundings of a Greek island and Turkish slave bazaar, which provided fertile soil for choreographers' creativity.

The first choreographer was a Frenchman, F. Albert Descombe,
the composer Robert Bochs and the premiere took place in the Kingś Theatre in London on June 29, 1837. The version, on which our staging is based, was for the first time performed in Paris on January 23rd, 1856, libretto by H. Vernoy de Saint-Georges with A. Ch. Adam's music and choreographed by J. Mazilier. Thanks to Mariinski Theatre and especially to M. Petipa this work has become a part of the repertoire of many ensembles. This ballet is a classic example not only of the free interpretation of music score of that time, but also of variations, changes and enrichment of choreography. To the original music by A. Ch. Adam were gradually added new parts by different composers, e. g. L. Delibes, P. Oldenburg, and R. Driga. Our choreographers, R. Avnikjan and B. Juldashev, who are a great authorities on Russian ballet will prepare this work with the SNT Ballet.

This production was made possible with the financial support of Phillip Morris Slovakia, Ltd.