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Hudobná rozprávka pre najmenších

The new SND building, Studio
12. 11. 2011 13. 11. 2011

The Slovak National Theatre Drama Ensemble does not want to forget the youngest visitors, and therefore a decision was made to perform this well-known fairy tale in its new, funny and music adaptation.

Mechúrik-Koščúrik, the leading character, has been making up new melodies, but he cannot play them at all. He is alone and sad, because he has no friends who could help him. And so he decides to find them. He sets out on a journey and he meets different animals, but these are not ordinary animals. Each of them can play a music instrument. And so when the Snake, a good percussionist, the Wolf, a skilful double-bass player, and the Mouse, a super flute player meet with the Frog, a violin virtuoso, the Rabbit, a great guitar player and the best singer in the forest, the Fox, then a good band may be established. And there is nothing and nobody the band should be afraid of. Even the Witch and her companions, who try to scare the whole forest.

Running time: 1 hr with no interval


Mechúrik - Koščúrik Branislav Bystriansky Marián Labuda ml. (as a guest)
Myška Chocholuška /Mouse the Tufter Táňa Pauhofová Judit Bárdos (as a guest)
Žabka Rapotačka / Froggy the Chatter Zuzana Haverdová (as a guest)
Had Potrávešmyk /Snake the Grass Slipper Dušan Musil (as a guest)
Zajac Poleseskok /Bunny the Forest Hopper Gabriel Tóth (as a guest)
Líštička Kmotrička /Fox the Godmother Barbora Švidráňová (as a guest) Natália Puklušová (as a guest)
Vlk Horský Trubač /Wolf the Woods Trumpeter Daniel Žulčák (as a guest) Tomáš Vravník (as a guest)
Medveď Morský Mrmláč /Bear the Sea Grump Daniel Ratimorský (as a guest)
Ježibaba /Witch Alexandra Palatínusová (as a guest) Ingrida Baginová (as a guest)
Čert Hubertus / Hubertus the Devil Lukáš Dóza (as a guest)
Pirát Jameson / Pirate Jameson Daniel Fischer
Miesiželezo / Iron Knead Jozef Jurčišin-Kukľa (as a guest) Jakub Kuka (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)