Rechnitz - The Angel of Death

Rechnitz - The Angel of Death


Najlepšia nemecky písaná hra roku 2009 súčasnej rakúskej autorky je zásadným zamyslením sa nad zodpovednosťou a morálkou modernej Európy nielen v období holokaustu. Inscenácia získala cenu DOSKY 2013 v kategórii Najlepšia scénografia (David Jařab).

The new SND building, Studio
8. 6. 2013 9. 6. 2013

Play of the contemporary Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek (born 1946), awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, is the best play written in German language in 2009. The play is based on real events. Countess Bathyany organised a big party at her castle Rechnitz, located at the Austrian-Hungarian border on 25 March 1945. Her guests, among them also members of SS and Gestapo and others, participated in murdering 200 Jews, who were forced labourers there. The murders disappeared, there were no witnesses after the war and the offenders were never punished. The author, using her magic poetic vocabulary and her original considerations, makes us to think conscientiously about key events in the history of modern Europe.

The production is part of the cycle ‘Endlösung’.

Running time: 1 hr 10 mins with no interval