Piotr Iľjič Čajkovskij



Ballet fairy tale 6+

The historical SND building
29. 11. 2013 30. 11. 2013

The premiere of this ballet for children with the theme of Christmas is a return to the traditional and most appreciated version of the Russian choreographer Vasilij Vajnonen. Production with abundant sets and costumes, full of rich visual art scenes, as well as technically demanding variations, brings children together with the Nutcracker to a fairy tale road through the Christmas story performed by the SND soloists and Corps de Ballet, and the students of Eva Jaczová Dance Conservatory.

Running time: 1 hr 45 mins with one interval

Production Team

Choreographic master Vasilij I. Vajnonen
Choreography and Direction Jozef Dolinský (as a guest) Rafael Avnikjan
Set and Costume Designer Josef Jelínek


Franz Richard Adámek - TKEJ Viktor Šefčík (Conservatory Student)
Luskáčik Oliver Hec (Conservatory Student) Filip Manca
Drosselmeier Andrej Szabo František Šulek (as a guest)