Carpathian Thriller

Eugen Gindl

Carpathian Thriller


Súčasná slovenská politická inscenácia o korupčnej kauze z deväťdesiatych rokov.

The new SND building, Studio
13. 11. 2013 14. 11. 2013

Eugen Gindl, contemporary Slovak author and publicist, wrote a kind of a documentary drama. In Slovakia it is a genre that is not so often used, but abroad it is very successful with theatregoers. The play reflects events that happened in Slovakia, related to the corruption, clientelism and ‘grey economy’. Leading role of the play is a middle-aged journalist who left her original profession, as she found it senseless and established an advertising agency. One day she gets a document full of evidence an extensive corruption on the highest positions within the state administration. There is a company (in the play it is called Wunderberg), which started to win all big governmental tenders thanks to the extensive and sophisticated bribery. In comparison to cases abroad and the bids submitted by the competitors, the contracts were several times more expensive. Her instinct of a journalist wins and so she tries to make the case public, but the company applies an extremely sophisticated and hard defence tactics, including methods of threatening used offensively against her and her friends.

Running time: 2 hrs 15 mins with one interval


Production Team

Directed by Roman Polák
Stage design Andrej Ďurík
Music Vladislav Šarišský (as a guest)


Deus and incarnations Daniel Fischer
Bubo and incarnations Milan Ondrík
Gravedigger Emil Horváth
Una Marta Maťová (as a guest)