Dramatizovaná sága rozpadu jednej prosperujúcej západoeurópskej rodiny autora oceneného Nobelovou cenou.

The new SND building, Drama hall
5. 4. 2014 6. 4. 2014

Buddenbrooks or the Decline of a Family – this is the full title of the famous novel written by Thomas Mann in 1901, for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature. Today we understand that Mann did not write only a ‘solo’ story about one family; its decline is a reflection of a decline of the society: the town, country and maybe also the whole world, and it is not only the result of lack of abilities of representatives of the individual generations to cope with the requirements of the time, eventually with the consequences of their artistic talents. In the work it is seemingly discussed that the merchant family Buddenbrook from Lübeck had to vanish and bankrupt, both from the material and spiritual points of view, because its members were not able to cope with the pressure of changing situation. The representatives of younger generations, especially the third one, are not strong enough to reproduce their grandfather’s vitality, the founder of the wealth and influence of the family, although under the conditions of tough competition they would need to be more ravenous and decisive. The spirit of nobility fights the struggle to survive with the new, materialistic and earth-bound thinking.

Running time: 3 hrs 20 mins with one interval