How the Woodbreaker Became the King

Ľubomír Feldek

How the Woodbreaker Became the King


Fantazijná rozprávka o hrdinoch, drakoch, princeznách aj jazyku a vesmíre pre celú rodinu.

The new SND building, Drama hall
7. 6. 2014 8. 6. 2014

When the Woodbreaker/Lomidrevo turned seventeen, he set off to explore the world and met other giants of the Tatras – Ironknead/Miesiželezo and Hillbreaker/Valivrch. The three set out to liberate three beautiful princesses captured by three bad dragons. The pretty, captivating, thrilling and humorous fairytale by Ľubomír Feldek will tell you whether the three giants succeed, how they handle the dragons and the difficulties made to them by the cunning Yeardbeard/Loktibrada, whether all three stood strong in the tests and whether they also had as big a heart and soul as is their body. This is a family production for all, young and old, small and big, powerful and weak, in sum for everyone who believes that one can not only have fun in the world of fantasy, but the elderly can become young again, the small ones can grow up, the weak ones become strong and the silly ones become wise.

Running time: 2 hrs with one interval

Production Team

Directed by Ondrej Spišák
Dramaturgy Peter Kováč
Choreography Assistance Eva Burdová


Lomidrevo’s father Dušan Tarageľ
Lomidrevo Milan Ondrík
Valivrch / Hilltopper Peter Brajerčík (as a guest)
Miesiželezo / Iron Knead Tomáš Vravník (as a guest)
Witch Laktibradka / Yardbeard (Godmother, Poet, Pubmaster and others) Gabriela Dzuríková
Princess Modrovláska /Bluehair Ivana Kuxová Anna Jakab-Rakovská (as a guest)
Princess Zelenovláska /Greenhair Petra Vajdová
Princess Ružovláska, /Pinkhair Jana Kovalčiková Dominika Morávková (as a guest)
Fairies, Witches Laktibradky /Yardbeards Zuzana Náprstková (as a guest) Dana Okáliová (as a guest) Michaela Čilíková (as a guest) Nikola Olšovská (as a guest)
Background actors (three-, six- and nine-headed dragon) Jakub Kuka (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Gabriel Fusko (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Ľuboš Radošovský (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Filip Šebesta (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Ferenc Polák (Conservatory Student) Michal Kinik (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Igor Schlosser (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Andrej Remenik (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Peter Tilajčík (as a guest) Ondrej Bortlík (Conservatory Student) Brian Brestovanský (Conservatory Student) Martin Macko (Conservatory Student) Matúš Mihálik (Conservatory Student) Juraj Bača (as a guest)