Valeria SchulczováRoman Olekšák



Slovenská hra o kontroverznej režisérke Tretej ríše Leni Riefenstahlovej, ale aj o zodpovednosti umelca za svoje dielo.

The new SND building, The Blue Salon
13. 12. 2013

Schedule of performances

Saturday 15. 10. 2022
19:30 h 21:00 h
In sales
Saturday 22. 10. 2022
19:30 h 21:00 h
In sales

The original Slovak play Leni by authors Valerie Schulczová and Roman Olekšák talks about a fictitious encounter of two real people, Johnny Carson and Leni Riefenstahl. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was, for three decades, among the most watched talk shows in America. The controversial Leni Riefenstahl was Hitler’s “court director”. It is 1974 and Johnny is on the peak of his career. Leni is introducing in America her first completed project since the defeat of Germany, a book of photographs from Africa, The Last of Nubu. Yet Johnny knows what it is that his viewers are more interested in than the arts. Leni’s past becomes the main topic that cannot be covered up even by her emerging relationship with an assistant Horst, forty years her junior. What is an artist’s responsibility for his work? What are the limits between servitude to an ideology, an active participation in building a regime and artistic work?

Running time: 1 hr 30 mins with no interval


Leni Riefenstahl Zdena Studenková
Johnny Carson Ľubomír Paulovič
Horst Kettner Peter Brajerčík (as a guest)