William Shakespeare



Hosťovanie Národného divadla Brno v rámci festivalu Eurokontext.sk

The historical SND building

Translation: Jiří Josek, Ľubomír Feldek
Director: Rastislav Ballek
Associate producer: Martin Kubran
Set design: Jozef Ciller
Costumes: Katarína Holková
Music: Dano Heriban

Every theatre-goer is familiar with at least the basis aspect of this famous drama – He is black but in spite of this is a general, she is white and despite this she loves him… It’s obvious that it was not meant to be! Othello – one of the most famous Shakespeare plays – is first and foremost a tragedy of human passion, hate and jealousy. Passion whipped by imagination and intrigue leads one through different roads to the loss of reason, conscience and moral integrity - sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. The consequences of the tragedy are however always irreversible. Jago has the amazing ability to manipulate people and situations with a cool calm, however passionate jealousy leads him to a thriving party of intrigue. All the party participants and become victims one by one. Shakespeare's play is not one of morality, but rather an ingenious study of powerful passions which are moreover the largest human weakness. The title role of the host is portrayed by a leading member of the SND drama, charismatic actor Robert Roth who always brings a strong theme and a significant personal stake to the productions in which he performs. Roth has previously worked with original director Rastislav Ballek on exceptional theatre projects such as Hollý/Roth and Oresteia at the SND.

Venetian doge:
Vladimír Krátky
Brabanzio, The Venetian senator: Jaroslav Kuneš
Graziano, Brabanz’s brother: Ondřej Mikulášek
Ludovico: Pavel Doucek
Othello: Robert Roth
Cassio: Vratislav Bečák
Jago: Bedřich Výtisk
Roderigo: Michal Dalecký
Montano: David Kaloč
Desdemona: Lucie Schneiderová
Emília: Eva Novotná
Bianca: Zuzana Ščerbová

Ticket prices:
Category 1:
20 €
Category 2: 15 €
Category 3: 10 €
Category 4: 5 €