The Slovenian National Drama Theatre in Maribor (Slovenia)

The new SND building, Drama hall

Director: Diego de Brea
Set design: Hans Georg Schäfer
Costumes: Leo Kulaš
Music: Diego de Brea
Lighting design: Diego de Brea, Hans Georg Schäfer

The iconic work by Slovenian Dramatist Drago Jancar The great brilliant waltz (1985) takes place at an Institute - Freedom liberates - which takes care of the education of those who distort our desires and disturb social order with their yearnings. One such violator - historian Simon Veber, an individualist, - after an overnight offense suddenly finds himself in the "Institute". It is here, after a quick procedure by violent hospital nurse Voloda that he is converted into Polish revolutionary Drohojowsky. All of the institute’s clients have undergone a similar process - musician Emerik, painter Lubica, defendant Rajko and religious fanatic Šavol – Pavol among others. Directed by Diego de Brea in the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor as a co-production with the Ljubljana National Theatre, this scary and metaphorical staging features expressive poetry and the leading actors of the middle generation excel.

Simon Veber:
Vladimir Vlaškalić
Klara, his wife: Ksenija Mišič
Ljubica: Mateja Pucko
Volodja: Vlado Novak
Doctor, institute director: Gregor Baković
Emerik, the pianist: Kristijan Ostanek
Savel Pavel, Pavel: Alojz Svete
Rajko: Matija Stipanič
Senior metaphor expert: Tadej Toš
Junior metaphor expert: Matevž Biber
Kapetan: Vojko Zidar
First and second nurse: Ivica Knez
Doberman: Viktor Meglič
Nurse: Eva Kraš
Chopin: Bojan Maroševič / Jože Šalej

The Great Brilliant Waltz is a co-production with the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana and Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture.

Produced with the support of ETC.

Ticket prices: 10 €