The anonymous work

The anonymous work


The National Theatre, Warsaw (Poland)

The new SND building, Drama hall

Director: Jan Englert
Set design: Andrzej Witkowski
Music: Rafał Kowalczyk
Lighting design: Jacqueline Sobiszewski

Polish theatre in the world of art has a traditionally high reputation. After a long break the SND has again managed to welcome its Polish colleagues. One of the oldest national theatres in the world – Teatr Narodowy / 1764 / - is still armorial, but also a vivid attractive drama venue on the Polish theatre map. Its long-term director is leading actor and director Jan Englert who in his latest spectacular staging features a plethora of the best of Polish actors of all generations in the best light.Anonymous piece was written by iconic writer, playwright and original theatre reformist “Witkacy” in 1921. The crisis is deepening. Society’s elite refuse to admit this or even recognise it. They simply ignore the fact and the threat that arises from it. The masses look for a leader and a new faith. This grotesque “crime story” on art and revolution in modern times feels uncomfortably familiar and frighteningly ridiculous. An effective performance filled with music, dark humour, impressive visual images and a message on our unwillingness to learn. And also maybe on whether history has fun repeating itself…

Dr. Plazmodeusz Blödestaug: Wɫodzimierz Press
Plazmonik Blödestaug: Marcin Hycnar
Róža van der Blaast: Patrycja Soliman
Klaudestyna de Montreuil: Dominika Kluźniak
Buffadero (Cynga): Grzegorz Maɫecki
Puɫkownik Manfred Hr. Giers: Jerzy Radziwiɫowicz
Grabarz: Tomasz Sapryk
Józef Leon Girtak: Mateusz Rusin
Flowers: Robert Jarociński
Ksiąźę Padoval de Grifuellhes: Przemysɫaw Stippa
Księźna Barbara: Beata Ścibakówna
Lidia Baronowa Ragnok: Anna Uɫas
Sɫuźąca Róźy van der Blaast: Milena Suszyńska

Ticket prices:
Category 1:
20 €
Category 2: 15 €
Category 3: 10 €
Category 4: 10 €