Deutsches Theater, Berlin (Germany)

The new SND building, Studio

Director: Brit Bartkowiak
Associate producer: Ulrich Beck
Set design: Nikolaus Frinke
Costumes: Carolin Schogs
Music: Thies Mynther

"Haven’t you finished it yet?” Three women, three generations, three approaches to life - Grandmother, mother and daughter. For generations the same themes have repeated themselves and varied: What did being a Jewish girl in East Germany fifty years ago mean, and what does it mean today? Questions about identity, belonging and homeland form the basic questions about the presence of latent anti-Semitism in East Germany that mothers had to experience. Although society is now different and they too have changed and freedom has a different flavour, questions still remain about freedom of the self-determining voice. Mariana Salzmann is a young writer born in Moscow who studied and lived in Germany for her debut - Materské znamienko okna namodro received the Kleist prize (2012). The Yiddish mother tongue is the sharp language the play is written in – in which typical Jewish humour talks of the contradictory and negative relationships between mothers and daughters. The staging at the Deutsches Theater was directed by Brit Bartkowiak who received the national Theater Heute magazine award for best young director of the season. In the performance three generations of actresses - Gabriela Heinz, Anita Vulesica and Natalia Belaites shine. The Detsches Theater is a progressive German theatre which discovers new playwrights and cooperates with the biggest German directors. For Slovakia, hosting this important German play is a unique event which deepens new, creative relationships with SND Drama and the Deutsches Theater / Art of Aging. The scheduled premiere in Berlin is set for November 2014.

Gabriele Heinz
Clara: Anita Vulesica
Rahel: Natalia Belitski

Produced with the support of ETC.

Ticket prices: 20 €