Land der ersten Dinge/Bludičky

Land der ersten Dinge/Bludičky


Koprodukčný projekt Deutsches Theater Berlín a Slovenského národného divadla. Inscenácia je súčasťou projektu Art of Aging, ktorý je iniciovaný Európskou divadelnou konvenciou (ETC) a podporovaný programom Kultúra Európskej únie.

The new SND building, Studio
27. 11. 2014

This play by Nino Haratischwilli - a playwright of German-Georgian descent - is the result of a co-production between the Deutsches Theater and the SND Drama Ensemble. Eight theatres from four European countries have joined the international Art of Ageing project initiated at the European Theatre Convention. The prestigious Berlin theatre invited the SND Drama Ensemble to join in the creative collaboration. The new play, Land der ersten Dinge/Bludičky, is developed through the prism of an encounter of two women, Natália from Slovakia and Lara from Germany. Natália is a former pianist, who came to Germany to look after the former judge Lara. As they get closer personal and historical traumas that accompany ageing in Europe over the past century are revealed.

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins with no interval