The Shepherd’s Wife

Ivan Stodola

The Shepherd’s Wife


Silný príbeh o žene, milujúcej matke, ktorá sa bez vlastnej viny ocitla v zúfalom rozpoložení. Medzi dvomi nezmieriteľnými mužmi si vybrala vernosť sebe...

The new SND building, Studio
28. 3. 2015 29. 3. 2015

One wife, two husbands: in an unsolvable rebus of destiny through no fault of their own. The Shepherd’s Wife as Eve’s choice.

The powerful story of a woman - a loving mother who through no fault of her own has ended up in a desperate state of mind – she unwillingly became the wife of two men and has a son with each of them. Between the two irreconcilable men she chooses loyalty to herself…

The Shepherd’s Wife as Eve’s choice - universal moral dilemmas and irresolvable issues. This perfectly concentrated tragedy of this Slovak classic by Ivan Stodola has inspired generations of dramatists and has led to many an intriguing production, from social balladeer tones with ethnographic emphasis to the symbolic pure, aesthetically clear emphasis on the psycho-thematic layers of the play – egotism and the inability to understand each other.

This intimate chamber drama features inherent encrypted archetypal elements, the characters are like cut-outs from ancient tragedies or the Bible. The potential of the dramatic template is still a potential discovery for the wider European cultural area

Running time: 1 hr 30 mins with no interval

Production Team

Directed by Roman Polák
Stage design Pavel Borák


Shepherd Ondrej Ján Koleník (as a guest)
Shepherd Mišo Alexander Bárta
Old shepherd Mrnčo Dušan Jamrich
Administrator Dušan Tarageľ
Svätojurský Ján Gallovič
Shepherd Martin (video recording) Daniel Fischer
Ondrejko (video recording) Alex Bašnár (as a guest)
Miško (video recording) Dominik Martin Bičkoš (as a guest)
Servants in the video recording Adriana Janovíčková (as a guest) Peter Kaša (as a guest) Vladimíra Krutková (as a guest) Erik Voltemar (as a guest) Igor Malinovský (as a guest) Paulína Šebestová (as a guest) Jaroslava Janišová (as a guest)