Ako naučiť meštianskeho psa poslušnosti

Ako naučiť meštianskeho psa poslušnosti


Maďarský inštitút v Bratislave uvádza v rámci Festivalu Eurokontext.sk

The new SND building, The Blue Salon

Translation, Dramaturgy: Margit Garajszki
Director: Silvester Lavrík
Set design, graphic: Richard Lavrík
Costumes: Barbora Peuch
Music: Franz Liszt, Rudolf Pepucha
Photos, sound recordings: Zuzana Halánová

On an exact undefined date in the 20th century a passenger train heads west from Košice. Each passenger rushes to different destination station, lugging the baggage of the past with them. Imaginary stowaways are on board the train: Imre Madách, Eugene Ionesco, Franz Grillparzer, János Arany, Thomas Mann, Fiodor Michalovič Dostojevskij and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The passengers don’t get far however. The train stops in unexplained circumstances in a margecany tunnel. This theatre production directed by Silvester Lavrík is a tribute to the Hungarian language novelist Sandor Marai who was born and spent a large part of his life in Košice. A polemic of themes and thesis, which Marai addressed in his memoir creations.

The production is not suitable for viewers under 15.


Sándor: Szilárd Petrik
Anna: Alena Ďuránová
Lola: Szilvia Kiss
Member of Parliament: Tamás Gál
Bee: Vlado Zboroň

Train staff:
Train guide:
Ludwig Bagin
Waitress: Csilla Tarr/ Tatiana Poláková

Imre Madách, Eugène Ionesco, Franz Grillparzer, János Arany, Thomas Mann, Fiodor Michalovič Dostojevskij, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ticket prices: 3€