Peter Lomnický



Pôvodná slovenská hra Petra Lomnického, ktorej hlavnou témou sú strach či paranoja ako základné dominanty životného pocitu dnešného človeka a konšpiračné teórie ako snaha o istý spôsob ich racionalizácie.

The new SND building, Studio
4. 6. 2016 5. 6. 2016

What do a accident in Bratislava, a stuck elevator at the Eurovea shopping centre, in which four people were stranded and a flooded Danube have in common? Is it coincidence, conspiracy or God'spunishment?

The main theme in this play written specifically for the Slovak National Theatre is fear and paranoia as a fundamental dominant attitude to the life of today's man and conspiracy theories as an effort to make sure the way we rationalise them in response to what we do not understand; a reaction which has always been behind the birth of all myths and religions. Conspiracies as the mind’s reaction in a world without God and without general values. Conspiracy as a product of social requirements which force a person to have an oppinion, even if they lack education. Peter Lomnický’s play was created for the project in which foreign directors stage the world premieres of the original Slovak plays. The SND Drama’s Fear is directed by Czech director David Jařab.

Running time: 1 hr 50 mins with no interval

Production Team

Directed by David Jařab
Dramaturgy Daniel Majling
Stage design David Jařab