Tom Stoppard



Hľadanie strateného raja v ironickej komédii plnej omylov

The new SND building, Drama hall
14. 11. 2015 15. 11. 2015

Greece Arcadia symbolises "lost paradise", a kind of initial harmony, which is today - it seems - permanently lost. In this play, Arcadia is an English park from the early 19th century. This is not a play about nostalgia, it is characterised by a playful, refined structure, a strong, catchy human story and mental wealth reminiscent of a good English "historic Criminal Investigation". The story takes place in two time lines - the early 19th century and now. After love, jealousy, intrigue and alleged murder in past, there is nothing left, just a few letters and records. The contemporaries passionately attempt to figure out what happened, the true events can not understood however, because life works in weird ways, and is as incalculable as the most complex mathematical laws. Although Arcadia is an extremely funny play about the impossibility of knowing the truth which combines elements of conversational comedy with mystification, its main charm is displayed in the erratic nature of love.

Running time: 4 hrs with one interval

Production Team

Directed by Roman Polák
Dramaturgy Peter Kováč
Stage design Pavel Borák
Choreography Assistance Juraj Letenay


Septimus Hodge Robert Roth
Lady Croom Zuzana Fialová
Hannah Jarvis Petra Vajdová
Bernard Nightingale Tomáš Maštalír
Valentine Coverly Ján Koleník (as a guest)
Ezra Chater Dano Heriban (as a guest)
Richard Noakes Branislav Bystriansky
Captain Brice Ján Gallovič
Thomasina Coverly Jana Kovalčiková Alžbeta Imrichová (as a guest)
Gus Coverly, Augustus Coverly Richard Herc (as a guest) Richard Labuda (as a guest)