SISSI (Elisabeth of Austria’s escapades)

Viliam Klimáček

SISSI (Elisabeth of Austria’s escapades)


Moderná historická dráma, ktorej nechýba nič z toho, čo charakterizuje kráľovské hry – atraktívnosť témy, vznešenosť, napätie, humor, láska i smrť.

The new SND building, Drama hall
7. 6. 2016 8. 6. 2016

The life story of the beautiful Austrian empress fascinates us even today. Viliam Klimáček worked the story into a modern historical drama for the Slovak National Theatre, lacking nothing of what characterizes the royal plays - attractive themes, nobility, suspense, humour, love, and death. Witness key moments of her failed marriage, of authoritarian intervention by her mother in her children’s upbringing and the strict atmosphere of the court with its military regime. Get to know the stories of her descendents, especially the tragic story of Rudolf. We reveal her unusual passions – exercise, strict diets, horseback riding, travelling and Greek ... We glimpse an insight into her secret, unfulfilled dreams. In this play, full of gently ironic historical detachment, Sissi is the prototype of the modern woman - independent, self-confident, educated, beautiful and cultivated. However, inside she hides pain, frustration, loneliness and uncertainty she can not escape. This play was created for the project in which foreign directors stage the world premieres of the original Slovak plays. The SND Drama's Sissi is directed by Hungarian director Enikő Eszenyi.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval

Production Team

Directed by Eszter Novák
Dramaturgy Peter Kováč
Stage design Jozef Ciller
Make up Artist Juraj Steiner
Choreography Peter Novak


Sissi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria Táňa Pauhofová
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria Tomáš Maštalír
Sophie, Archduchess, the Emperor’s mother Anna Javorková
Rudolf (man), the Crown Prince Daniel Fischer
Mary Vetser, Baroness, Rudolf’s mistress Monika Potokárová
Rudolf (child), the Crown Prince Samuel Kennedy (as a guest) Juraj Horský (as a guest) Andrej Mojžiš (as a guest)
Gondercourt, count, Rudolf’s tutor Ľubomír Paulovič Richard Autner
Mary Valery, the Empress’ youngest daughter Monika Šagátová (as a guest)
Ida Ferenczy, Her Majesty’s favourite courtier Monika Horváthová (as a guest)
Andrássy Gyula, Hungarian count and politician Tamás Gál (as a guest)
Katharina Schratt, actress from the Burgtheater, Franz Joseph’s mistress Gabriela Dzuríková
Fanny Angerer, her hairdresser: Monika Horváthová (as a guest) Bronislava Kováčiková (as a guest)
Eugen, the Emperor’s Chamberlain Dušan Tarageľ
Konstantin / Achilles Christomatos, a hunchbacked Greek, Her Majesty’s reader, turns into Achilles Matej Marušin (as a guest)
Corps of courtiers / lackeys/ secret police/ courtesans Eugenes + Mizzi Caspar and Heinrich Heine Monika Potokárová Karin Adzimová (as a guest) Barbora Palčíková (as a guest) Monika Šagátová (as a guest) Bronislava Kováčiková (as a guest) Nikolett Dekány (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Petra Gavláková (as a guest) Monika Horváthová (as a guest) Matej Marušin (as a guest) Richard Autner Michal Kalafut (as a guest) Tomáš Stopa (as a guest) Simon Kopunec (as a guest) Martin Varínsky (as a guest) Jakub Jablonský (as a guest) Dávid Uszák (as a guest) Márton Béhr (as a guest) Adam Jančina (as a guest) Michal Spielmann (as a guest)