Antonio Vivaldi



A three-act opera

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
9. 3. 2017

The premiere of this new staging of Arsilda by Italian baroque genius Antonio Vivaldi is a specific project in which the Slovak National Theatre collaborates with several foreign theatres, including the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Opéra de Lille, Royal Opera de Versailles and Theatre de Caen. Arsilda is staged in collaboration with and as part of the European Day of Early Music festival on a special date. This staging significantly extends well beyond the narrow framework of our first opera stage, as it is the first stage performance of a Baroque musical drama work to feature an orchestra playing on replicas of vintage musical instruments with soloists specialising in early music to take place in Slovakia. The uniqueness of this project is enhanced by the fact that this will be the modern world premiere of the epic Vivaldi opera, in its original and never before heard form.

The three act Arsilda is one of the first stage operas by Antonio Vivaldi, who – as a mature musician and composer - entered the realm of opera theatre armed with a highly original musical language and moreover boldly manipulated the genre conventions of the time. His language is distinguished - in addition to peculiar ingenuity and masterful compositional techniques – by his unusual diversity of musical images and inspiration. In conjunction with the separate libretto by Domenico Lalli, Vivaldi creates a fascinating artefact in Arsilda in a unique way, reflecting the last great tremor of the great era of cultural and social domination of Venice. After the premiere of the work at the SND Opera, Vivaldi’s opera featuring the same cast embarks on a tour of several European opera houses - particularly those involved in its creation – and will subsequently make its return to Slovakia’s primary opera stage. The renewed staging as part of the repertoire of the season becomes an exclusive platform for the presentation of domestically grounded informed performance of early music.

Production Team

Conductor Václav Luks
Directed by David Radok
Set design Ivan Theimer
Choreography Andrea Miltnerová