Figaro here, Figaro there

Figaro here, Figaro there


Martin Vanek presents The Barber of Seville for children.

The historical SND building
12. 9. 2015

The omnipresent, popular, trickster barber Figaro. The young, amorous Count Almaviva and the beautiful, vivacious Rosina. The old, cranky tutor Bartolo and the gossipy music teacher Basilio - these are the main characters in this comedy full of hilarious scenes, situations and a surprising happy ending and the unique music of master Rossini. Children, as well as all who have remained young spirit, can witness this great musical comedy presented by popular actor and presenter Martin Vanek. It is not enough, however, just watch and listen; now and then they need to come on stage and help the hero!

Production Team

Directed by Roman Polák
Stage design Pavel Borák
Moderátor Martin Vanek