Mojmír II or the Twilight of an Empire

Viliam Klimáček

Mojmír II or the Twilight of an Empire


Komorná hra postavená na konflikte Rastislava a Svätopluka, ktorý spočíva v nezmieriteľnosti dvoch koncepcií národného bytia.

Inscenácia získala ocenenie Dosky.

The new SND building, Studio
24. 1. 2015 25. 1. 2015

The founders of of our first Empire – Rastislav vs Svätopluk Faith versus power A controversial historical theme in a non-traditional modern theatre interpretation.

A conflict between two strong personalities, the founders of the Great Moravian Empire from the 9th century: Rastislav and Svätopluka. Rastislav - the visionary who greatly influenced Constantine and Methodius with his peculiar practice pure, sincere, spiritually powerful faith that transforms the world, individuals and nations, even though the majority act like freaks – against Svätopluk as an eternal symbol, a modern pragmatic ruler and the policies that any means necessary may be used for virtuous purposes.

The intransigence of the two concepts of national existence - the idealistic and the pragmatic. Light versus dark, the past versus the present.

Running time: 1 hr 45 mins with no interval

Production Team

Directed by Rastislav Ballek
Dramaturgy Peter Kováč
Stage design Juraj Poliak


Rastic (Rasticlao, Rastislav) Robert Roth
Sventopulk (Zwentzibald, Svätopluk) Emil Horváth
Mojmír (Mojmír II., son of Sventopulk, one of the heirs of the Empire) Daniel Fischer
Runa (pagan goddess, has many faces) Dominika Kavaschová
Puppet of St. Methodius and props Ivan Martinka