Jiří Havelka a kol.



Political thriller with elements of drama. Reflection on the essence of power, governance and the process of transition from one regime to another. An original play commissioned by the Slovak National Theatre Drama.

The new SND building, Drama hall
1. 4. 2017 2. 4. 2017

It is the end of socialism. Even at party meetings people are already openly talking about the need to integrate elements of the market economy into the socialist economy. The events in East Germany and Hungary indicate movements in the political arrangement of Eastern Europe. And in foreign trade, forecasting institutes and in the national security offices new people await their opportunities. They are pragmatic, speak the language, know – unlike their fellow citizens – the market economy, have contacts to foreign businessmen and an overview of the competitiveness of domestic enterprises. Twenty-five years later they have control and literally own their country. Elites is an attempt to submit a true psychological portrait of people who during the Velvet Revolution because of their status had access to information and not least thanks to their training and knowledge of languages were the first to navigate through a new social order. In which institutions was their thinking shaped? What are their moral profiles and political convictions? Elites does not want merely be political thriller with elements of drama, but a reflection on the essence of power, governance and the process of transition from one regime and social organisation to another. This is the first instance of collaboration between renowned Czech pronounced poetics director Jirí Havelka and the SND Drama.

Production Team