The Life of Mankind

Pavol Weiss

The Life of Mankind


Episodes taking place in a near future. 

An original Slovak play.

The new SND building, Studio
5. 11. 2016 6. 11. 2016

The main characters in this original Slovak play are two young men who are initially very similar – both rebel against social realities. One sprays “Down with capitalism" on walls, the other smashes the windows of luxury cars with an iron bar. During the course of the play one of them becomes a neo-Nazi, the other becomes an intellectual leftist, essentially a heartless money-grabber. The young men are – as always – linked through a woman, beautiful and pure, or merely longing for purity in the dirty world. Monika is hit hard by the reality and disappoints not only the two men, but also gradually looses all her ideals. Their parents appear in the play, the generation that "is to blame for everything", and this is not a flattering picture. A loveless marriage, sex for money, alcoholism, the despair of the poor and the rich, the lack of affection between parents and children, and also the harrowing desire to find meaning.

Dystopia is a genre which the author writes in conflict with their own system of values, it is the image of a world that believes it should look and function differently. The reason for which dystopia is written is to warn society. The production is part of a project in which we invite renowned foreign directors to premiere new Slovak works. From the Life of Mankind will be directed by Bosnian director Dino Mustafić.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval

Production Team

Directed by Dino Mustafić
Dramaturgy Peter Kováč
Stage design Dragutin Broz
Costumes Marija Havran


Andrej (25 years old) Richard Autner
Monika (18 years old) Monika Potokárová
Fischer, a businessman (50 years old) Richard Stanke
Viera, Fischer’s wife (44 years old) Diana Mórová
Mother, the mother of Monika (around 40) Jana Oľhová
Dodo (19 years old) Matej Marušin (as a guest)
Lajo, a Gypsy (around 55-60 years old) Branislav Bystriansky
Milly, MD - Ondro’s father (55 years old) Štefan Bučko Ľubomír Paulovič
Agáta (35 years old) Danka Svetlíková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Soldiers, Demonstrators, Policemen, Citizens Tomáš Stopa (as a guest) Adam Jančina (as a guest) Tomáš Magát (as a guest) Simon Kopunec (as a guest) Jakub Kuka (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Electric cellist Magdaléna Izakovičová (as a guest)