War and Peace

Lev Nikolajevič Tolstoj

War and Peace


One of the greatest and the most famous pieces of world literature.

The new SND building, Drama hall
9. 6. 2018 10. 6. 2018

Schedule of performances

Thursday 27. 10. 2022
19:00 h 22:00 h
In sales
Tuesday 13. 12. 2022
19:00 h 22:00 h
In sales

Tolstoy (1828 – 1910), a genius writer and interesting thinker – philosopher, if you will – is an indubitable authority of worldwide impor tance whose works enjoy permanent interest. The epic novel War and Peace (1869) is perhaps chief among these. In a certain sense, War and Peace is the Universe that we breathe – and that we sometimes cannot breathe in. For what else is human history than an endless cycle of war and peace, and what else does humanity realise in the aftermath of terrifying battles and wars, which had been looked forward to as the solutions to all our problems? For what else is our private life, if not a quest for happiness and love, studded by so many romantic and dramatic episodes? And what else is our lot, if not to understand our mission in the world while bearing the knowledge that we are tied so closely with Great History, which often, without mercy, steers and even defines our paths?

Production Team

Translated by Roman Olekšák
Stage text adaptation and directed by Marián Amsler
Directed by Marián Amsler
Stage design Juraj Kuchárek
Costumes Marija Havran
Choreography Assistance Stanislava Vlčeková
Video Marek Moučka (as a guest)


Rozprávač Robert Roth
Pierre Bezuchov Milan Ondrík
Andrej Bolkonskij Ján Koleník (as a guest)
Knieža Bolkonskij, jeho otec Richard Stanke
Líza, Andrejova žena Natália Germáni (as a guest)
Mária, Andrejova sestra Dominika Kavaschová
Nataša Rostovová Monika Potokárová
Grófka Natália Rostovová, jej matka Ingrid Timková
Nikolaj Rostov Richard Autner
Anatol Kuragin, Pierrov priateľ Ladislav Bédi (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Feďa Dolochov Ondrej Kovaľ
Napoleon Bonaparte Adam Jančina (as a guest)
Cár Alexander I. Dávid Uzsák (as a guest)
Michail Kutuzov, generál Dušan Jamrich
Karatajev, sedliak v Bogučarove Erik Žibek (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Soňa Rostovová, Natašina sesternica Dana Droppová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Helena Kuraginová, Anatolova sestra Kristína Spáčová (as a guest)
Amélie Bourienne, Máriina spoločníčka Sára Polyáková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Boris Drubeckij, Nikolajov priateľ Jakub Švec (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Prostitútky / slúžky / sedliačky / dámy na plese AnnaMária Janeková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Simona Kollárová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Sandra Ľasoková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Alexandra Lukáčová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Timea Rošková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Vojaci / sluhovia / sedliaci / páni na plese Dušan Ambróš (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Jakub Janotík (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Erik Žibek (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) László István Béhr (as a guest) Dániel Szebellai (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Jakub Švec (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)