Don Carlo

Giuseppe Verdi

Don Carlo


Opera in four acts performed in Italian

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
19. 10. 2018 20. 10. 2018

Don Carlo is a tale of the struggle between personal desires with responsibilities arising from social and political status of the lead characters. Given its artistic value and historic legacy, the piece is one of the operatic chef d´oeuvres inspired by great historical themes. Giuseppe Verdi, the arch-prodigy of Italian opera, pays particular attention to individual conduct of his characters. Mass scenes no longer present the core and substance of the storyline, as had been the case in some of his earlier patriotic opuses.

In Don Carlo Verdi abandons the established musical methods, subjecting his music to dramatic context of the storyline. Ultimately, the arias themselves are no longer based on traditional schemes. Their expression and unique shape, with fascinating plasticity and vividness develop a deep psychological relief of grand characters.

Running time: 3 hrs 40 mins with two interval

Production Team

Directed by Diego de Brea
Musical Preparation Martin Leginus
Chorusmaster Pavel Procházka


Philippe II Štefan Kocán (as a guest) Peter Mikuláš (as a guest) Jozef Benci (as a guest)
The Grand Inquisitor Jozef Benci (as a guest) Ján Galla (as a guest) Gustáv Beláček (as a guest)
A monk (the apparition of the deceased Emperor Charles V.) Gustáv Beláček (as a guest) Ján Galla (as a guest)
Tebaldo / Anjelský hlas Adriana Banásová Miriam Garajová
The Count of Lerma Jiří Zouhar Michal Želonka
Royal Herald Martin Gyimesi (as a guest) Jozef Kundlák