A Tale of a Happy End

Peter Zagar

A Tale of a Happy End


Original Slovak fairy-tale opera for children and their parents

The historical SND building
27. 4. 2019 2. 5. 2019

Once upon a time … There was deep friendship. As big as a magical kingdom. And the friendship was able to carry mountains over the Moon, but also to conquer evil and illness.

One of our two characters is trapped in hospital. Her friend Julia decides to help her. She thus embarks on a faraway journey to the enchanted kingdom of fairy tales, where the happy end got lost. A happy end for all stories in the world! Julia is brave and courageous. Together with the impassive troll Martin Kučerka they want to cure the enchanted kingdom along with their friend. They want to find and free the trapped and thoroughly-hidden happy end! They must overcome the traps set up by the evil Queen Belladonna and her three spoiled daughters. Along the journey they encounter good, as well as evil … and also King Tichomír, Fairy Juliana, Prince Valerián, and the witty Wizard Koloman who assumes great many faces. He uses his transformation to confuse and defat them. Our two heroes often fight off almost inhuman treachery, greed and envy. Yet they are helped in their trials by their own courage, sense of justice and love. Our fairy-tale won’t be short of humour and tension, stage poetry and set transformation. Nonetheless, it will all be reigned by beautiful music! For music in theatre has the power to bring not only joy and entertainment, but it can also cure miraculously. And that is something worth experiencing and trying, isn’t it? For what kind of life would it be without miracles, genuine friends and happy ends?

Running time: 2 hrs with one interval

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