Longing for the Enemy

Bernhard Studlar

Longing for the Enemy


The world premiere of a play commissioned by the Slovak National Theatre Drama.

The new SND building, Studio
25. 3. 2017 26. 3. 2017

Bernhard Studlar is an Austrian playwright. His plays were premiered at renowned European theatres such as the Vienna Burgtheater, the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, the Neumarkt Theater in Zurich. Studlar has recieced several awards. In 2000 Studlarand Andreas Sauter Kleist received the prize for best young playwright from German-speaking countries for A. is eine Andere, Transdanubia Dreaming and the first prize at the Heidelberg festival. The text – which was produced specifically for the Slovak National Theatre – deals with the human need to have an enemy, because the enemy is often the only glue that holds the community together. Longing for the Enemy will be directed by a representative of the youngest generation of directors – Ján Luterán.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes, no interval

Production Team

Translated by Martina Vannayová
Directed by Ján Luterán
Dramaturgy Daniel Majling
Stage design Juraj Poliak
Costumes Eva Kleinová


Kindergarten teacher Petra Vajdová
Angel / Actress Dominika Kavaschová
Patient Robert Roth
Bartender Peter Brajerčík (as a guest)
Identitarian Marek Koleno (as a guest) Samuel Šimko (as a guest)