Ivan Vyrypajev



Authentic, deep and clever mapping of life flights and falls in acontemporary play by the Russian author.

The new SND building, Studio
23. 1. 2014 24. 1. 2014

One of the most significant authors and most interesting actors on contemporary Russian stage offers another of his excellent plays (in Slovakia he is well-known through his plays Oxygen, July and Dreams). In his bitter and funny chamber drama called Illusion he tries to find out the mystery of the intimate universe of two married couples. At the end of their lives they evaluate, make comments, confess each other and lot of surprises appear … There are questions like: does love have any sense, if it is only one-way? What is the opposite of illusion, is it lie or truth? What is in fact the essence of our real lives and relationships? It is what we lived, wanted, sacrificed or what is hidden in our souls as the secret of the authentic knowledge and the chances we missed? The irony alternates dramatic statements; dynamic order of targeted monologues highlights the dispassionateness of the original narration. Authentic, deep and clever mapping of life flights and falls, before leaving the Milky Way… A unique attempt to define non-definable destiny patterns is a fantastic opportunity for excellent actors and openhearted spectators.

Running time: 1 hr 30 mins with no interval

Production Team

Translated by Romana Maliti
Directed by Eduard Kudláč
Set and Costume Designer Eva Kudláčová-Rácová