Artaudia / Autopsy

Tomáš ProcházkaPeter Tilajčík

Artaudia / Autopsy


What role does a piece of art play in contemporary world? Are we able to absorb spiritual, Schillerian role of theatre? Or is theatre, seen as a temple or shrine merely a matter of the past?

The new SND building, SND stages and facilities
15. 6. 2018

The unusual venue of staff kitchen hosts a new line of adventure dramaturgy at the SND Drama Company. The kitchen is a fitting setting for experimental dramaturgy, for theatre that stands in between traditional and innovative theatre.

Antonin Artaud is among the major and, at the same time, most bizarre figures in French theatre avantgarde. Even though he can be considered somewhat the founding father of modern theatre and godfather of performative art, his ideas have never left sheet of paper.

Theatre and its double, correspondence, short prose or poetry leave a clear of Artaud´s theatre, theatre of cruelty; theatre that is to mercilessly tear spectator to pieces only to then reassemble him and send out as a new man. Such cruelty has become subject of frequent misinterpretation, be it in form of extreme physical theatre or exaggerated expressivity. Yet what is the cruelty that Artaud so longed for is in fact something beautiful and cathartic?

ARTAUDIA.AUTOPSY based on Artaud´s oeuvre explores the central idea of creation of a new man and his subsequent entry into new life. How is the man we face different? Can man be transformed as a matter of minutes? Hour? Two hours? If that is indeed the case, as they say, how relative, then, is our personality?

The conceptual performance follows directly on the successful project KAFKA.DREAMING. or Wat I Dream About When I Am Dreaming That I Am A Bug Turning into Kafka? In the project two theatre makers and performers explored, against the background of texts by Franz Kafka (particularly the Letter to My Father and The Metamorphosis) their relationship with their own fathers and the idea of fatherhood as such.

The performance ARTAUDIA_AUTOPSY is built on the principle of continuous performance: each repeat performance begins where the previous one ended. Spectators thus get to see each time new and unique unit that develops continuously never to be ended – similarly to Artaud´s oeuvre that remains incomplete and impossible to grasp.

Cast: Peter Tilajčík, guest performance, Tomáš Procházka, guest performance
Concept and directed by: Tomáš Procházka
Dramaturgy: Peter Tilajčík
Set design: Zuzana Hudáková, Ľudmila Bubánová
Music by: Nada El

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval

The production has been possible in part due to the support by civic group o.z. 9múz.

Kindly note the production is not suitable for spectators with respiratory conditions, and hildren under the age of 15 and/or 18.

The Kitchen – this unusual, yet largely inspiring venue has its limitation. Entry to the kitchen is consulted with health and safety personnel. Accessibility and movement within is, however, limited. It is therefore beyond our might to secure barrier-free access for spectators with limited mobility.They would, alas, not be able to fully enjoy the performance. We therefore regret for not being able to recommend the Artaudia/ Autopsy performance to them.

Thank you for understanding.

Production Team

Koncept a réžia Tomáš Procházka (as a guest)
Dramaturgy Peter Tilajčík (as a guest)
Music Nada El


Peter Tilajčík (as a guest) Tomáš Procházka (as a guest)