From Fairytale to Fairytale

Oskar Nedbal

From Fairytale to Fairytale


A fairy-tale ballet

The historical SND building
5. 2. 2015 7. 2. 2015

The From Fairytale to Fairytale children’s ballet is a stalwart of our ballet repertoire. During the birth of professional ballet From Fairytale to Fairytale – choreographed by Achille Viscusi and conducted by Oskar Nedbal – was the fi rst children’s performance at the Slovak National Theatre in the 1923/1924 season. This attractive artistic and dance staging has not lost any of its relevance and playfulness. The world of famous fairy-tale creatures and animal figures in which good always triumphs over evil will appeal to our youngest audiences.

Running time: 1 hrs 50 mins with one interval

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team

Directed and Choreography Jozef Dolinský (as a guest)
Musical Preparation Dušan Štefánek
Stage design Peter Janků


"Prológ" - Víla rozprávka Viola Mariner
Stará mať Gusta Herényiová
"Krajčír v začarovanom zámku" - Krajčír Ihlička Juraj Žilinčár Raphael Schuster
Krásavica - sólo Silvia Najdená
"Zlatovláska" - Princezná Zlatovláska Romina Kolodziej
King František Šulek (as a guest)
"Zvieratká a zbojníci" - Zbojníci Juraj Žilinčár Andrej Cagáň Yuki Kaminaka Raphael Schuster
Vodná víla Viola Mariner
Partner Andrej Szabo