The Bacchae


The Bacchae


Antique Greek tragedy raises pressing questions about the forms and possibility – or impossibility – to constitute human society and for it to function properly.

The new SND building, Studio
25. 5. 2019 26. 5. 2019

A play by the youngest of the three classics of ancient tragedy Euripides, which remains virtually unknown in Slovakia. The Bacchae was presented a year after his passing by Euripides Jr.. It won the first prize in the Great Dionysia festival that paid homage to the Greek god Dionysus who is also one of the lead characters in the present play. Dionysos arrives incognito in his native Thebes wishing to dedicate the city to his cult. The event includes the bacchants – Dionysos´ companions who engage in wild orgies whilst falling into the state similar to untamed madness. King Pentheus prevents Dionysus from introducing his cult in Thebes. Pentheus ends up in conflict with Dionysus, unaware that his faces the very god. In the unequal struggle – between man and god – the King of Thebes remains altogether abandoned. His tragedy culminates in murder arranged by Dionysus, carried out in bacchanalian madness by Pentheus´ mother who doesn’t realise what she is doing. In The Bacchae Euripides presents the conflict between authoritarian rule and untamed hedonism. He thus raises the fundamental question about the faces and possibility or impossibility of arranging and functioning of human society.

Running time: 2 hrs 30 mins with one interval

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team

Translated by Peter Lomnický
Directed by Rastislav Ballek
Dramaturgy Miro Dacho
Set design and Objects Markéta Plachá
Choreography Assistance Petra Fornayová


Dionýzos Daniel Fischer
Pentheus Milan Ondrík
Prvý posol, Druhý posol Martin Hronský (as a guest)
Teiresias Štefan Bučko
Choir Dominika Kavaschová Michal Kinik (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Michal Noga (as a guest)