Academy of Spectator Art

István Tasnádi

Academy of Spectator Art


An explosive cabaret medley for three actors and full auditorium about the rules of theatre.

The new SND building, Studio
3. 11. 2018 4. 11. 2018

A cabaret for three actors is set in the theatre season 2035/36, just a few years after all theatres had been closed. They might reopen, if spectators graduate from the academy of spectator art. Guided by two experienced professors and a lecturer, spectators pass through a range of lectures, illustrations, experiments. The curriculum is to turn inexperienced individuals into professional theatre spectators. It turns out that it is not at all easy to be a genuine spectator. The status requires effort, courage and an ability to acquire a number of skills, as is indeed expected of proper university studies. A question remains open about the degree of success of such experiment whether it is at all possible to raise the right theatre spectator and at what cost. Ultimately, can such project prove successful in the context of Slovakia?

The contemporary Hungarian playwright István Tasnádi has brewed quite an explosive cocktail that shall affect every spectator. Without exception.

Running time: 2 hrs, no interval

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team

Translated by Renata Deák
Directed by József Czajlik
Stage design Viola Fodor
Costumes Katalin Öry
Choreography Assistance Kata Kántor


OJV Lukáš Dóza (as a guest) Juraj Varga (as a guest) Daniel Žulčák (as a guest) Ondrej Kovaľ Vojtech Geleta (as a guest) Adam Hudec (as a guest) Richard Šárközi (as a guest)