Sin/Her Stepdaughterby

Jozef Gregor TajovskýGabriela Preissová

Sin/Her Stepdaughterby


Two gems of Slovak and Czech realistic drama

The new SND building, Studio
12. 9. 2020 13. 9. 2020

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Friday 14. 10. 2022
19:00 h 19:00 h
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Thursday 15. 12. 2022
19:00 h 19:00 h
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The single-act play Sin by the acclaimed Slovak writer and playwright Jozef Gregor Tajovský may not be as widely known as are his Statky-zmätky or the Women’s Law. The Sin, however, is a comedy with brilliant dramatic structure, a comedy in both meanings of the term: as a play with telling black-and-white situations, and a play that ends well. The power of the comedy comes from its powerful plot: Eva’s husband is returning from America, having spent years there. He doesn’t know that, meanwhile, she got involved with the village servant, the irresponsible Jano and the couple have a child.Eva is desperate. She can’t predict how her husband responds to the situation. The path to the non-sentimental happy-end leads through difficult conversations and questioning of conscience.
The central dramatic plot in Her Stepdaughteris quite similar: The young Jenůfa is pregnant with the careless Števo who is unwilling to marry her. Laco wouldn’t mind marrying her, yet he cannot come to terms with the idea of raising a child whose father is someone he resents.The unwanted child is a problem here again.Unlike Tajovský, Preissová ends her play tragically
The joint presentation of the two classics offers a number of thought-provoking comparisons. A comparison of two versions of the same central story – one comic, the other one tragic; a comparison of two ethnically related national drams, two approaches to life, two ethnic mentalities.Sin as well as Her Stepdaughterwere among the first premières in the history of the Slovak National Theatre. Linking them together and their new staging as yet another contribution that the Drama Company makes to mark the centenary of the SND.
A number of spectators make the première night extra special – ladies especially like to make most of the event and shine in their finest gown or little black dress.
"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team

Directed by Matúš Bachynec
Dramaturgy by Daniel Majling
Costumes Ján Husár
Lighting design Ján Ptačin


Eva Vica Kerekes (as a guest)
Jano Matúš Beniak (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
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Kostelníčka Dana Košická (as a guest)