Torquato Tasso

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Torquato Tasso


Small-scale story about the exciting relationship between society and artists.

The new SND building, Studio
30. 5. 2020 31. 5. 2020

Small-scale story by Torquato Tasso (1544 – 1595), the controversial Italian poet, the author of the Jerusalem Delivered, Adapted by the foremost German author, scientist and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe tells an intricate life story of an artist vis-à-vis himself, as well as his surrounding society. Tasso enjoys a fine status in higher echelons of the society, having earned their recognition and respect. On the one hand, he faces uncritical admiration and love, excitement which he inspires; on the other hand, he faces resentment and criticism by members of the ruling court.Both attitudes gradually make him distrustful and paranoid what culminates in his departure.In some 230 years, Goethe’s play has lost none of its power in analysing the relationship between society and artists – eccentrics veiled in mystery, targets of aroused attention, loved and loathed, as well as egocentrics and narcissists. The legend-veiled torment of an artist that gives rise to true and genuine creativity, plays its role here. For the first time ever, Goethe’s Tasso makes his surprising way to a Slovak stage. The production brought by Jan Antonín Pitínský, the distinctive Czech stage director with inimitable poetics His directorial debut on stage the SND, the Ignorant and Madman by Thomas Bernhard is revisiting Goethe, having successfully staged, in 2006, his prose Elective Affinities at the Prague-based theatre Dejvické divadlo.

A number of spectators make the première night extra special – ladies especially like to make most of the event and shine in their finest gown or little black dress.

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team


ALFONSO DRUHÝ, vojvoda ferarrský Jakub Rybárik
LEONORA D´ESTE, vojvodova sestra Monika Hilmerová
LEONORA SANVITALE, princezná zo Scandiana Ingrid Timková
ANTONIO MONTECATINO, štátny tajomník Martin Šalacha