St. Nicholas Day Concert

St. Nicholas Day Concert


A story of St. Nicholas for small and grown-ups

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
SND Opera is launching St Nicholas concerts that are dedicated particularly to families with children. The staged concert features Santa as the lead character. We shall introduce the little ones to the life of Saint Nicholas as an exceptional person. The event, however, also takes us to the Christmas spirit in Slovak village with pastoral plays. In the end, we shall all sing together carols by live nativity scene and Santa might treat you to a present from his bag.
The event is held under the auspices of our soloist Mr Peter Mikuláš who will be your host, as well as one of the performing artists. Importantly for the little ones, given his surname, Mr Mikuláš will turn into Santa. The programme includes a selection of pastoral works, oratoria and carols form different regions in Slovakia and Moravia. In addition to the SND Opera soloists, the concert features members of the SND Opera Studio and Bratislava Boys’ Choir led by Magdaléna Rovňáková.
Piotr Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker
SND Opera orchestra
Giacomo Puccini La Bohème
Scene 2, La vigilia di Natale
“Aranci, datteri!“
Jana Bernáthová, Katarína Juhásová, Juraj Kuchar, Peter Mikuláš, Juraj Peter, Pavol Remenár, Adam Nádler, SND Opera chorus, Bratislava Boys’ Choir
Benjamin Britten Saint Nicolas
Aria of St. Nicholas
“Persecution sprang upon the church“
Juraj Kuchar
Andrew Lloyd Webber Requiem
“Pie Jesu“
Katarína Juhásová, Adam Uličný, SND Opera chorus, Bratislava Boys’ Choir
Piotr Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker
Pas de deux from Act 2
Sugar Fairy variation
SND Opera chorus
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Magic Flute
Aria of Sarastro
“O Isis und Osiris!“
Peter Mikuláš, SND Opera chorus
Piotr Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker
Finale Act 1
Snow Flakes Waltz
Bratislava Boys’ Choir, SND Opera orchestra
Ján Cikker Christmas Carols (selection)
Katarína Flórová, Andrea Pietrová, Juraj Kuchar, Adam Nádler
Edmund Pascha Harmonia pastoralis
Jana Bernáthová, Katarína Juhásová, Pavol Remenár
Edmund Pascha Harmonia pastoralis
Jana Bernáthová, Andrea Pietrová, Juraj Peter
Paulín Bajan / Tadeáš Salva Christmas pastorale (selection)
“Cantus pastoralis“
Bratislava Boys’ Choir
Bohuslav Martinů Plays of Mary (selection)
III Birth of Our Lord
Katarína Flórová, Andrea Pietrová, Adam Nádler
A Medley of Christmas Carols (adapted by Zdeněk Macháček)
Bratislava Boys’ Choir
John Francis Wade Adeste fideles (adapted by Adrián Harvan)
Peter Mikuláš, SND Opera chorus
Running time: 90 minutes, no interval

Production Team

Dramaturgy, script and directed by Marek Mokoš
SND Opera Chorus Master Pavel Procházka
Bratislava Boys’ Choir Chorus Masters Magdaléna Rovňáková Gabriel Rovňák ml.
Conductor Ondrej Olos