The Natives

Valeria SchulczováRoman Olekšák

The Natives


Dynamic thrilling model play about the trait in our mentality that keeps us from happiness.

The new SND building, Drama hall
3. 6. 2017 4. 6. 2017

Central Slovakia. Elementary School that goes back to the First Republic. A building with memory. Apart from the church, it is the only building in the village which the locals are proud of. The school in which a couple of notable natives studied. A monument was dedicated to one of them, and the village residents try to fend off the subversives wishing to destroy it. It is early evening, aerobics lesson is under way in the school gym. It is attended by a local lady to finally help fellow female villagers lose weight. Though the actual point is for them to have a refuge to plot and gossip. Violent explosion interrupts the evening. The startled women don’t know what it was to explode in the neighbourhood. Perhaps an aircraft crashed, or it was a gas to explode? What if a war broke out? It is not far to Ukraine after all! Residents from around the nearby explosion start to head for the gym. As do those who were stopped when the area was cordoned off. Tension rises, conspiracy theories abound, anti-government plots are schemed, animosity and hatred surface. Essentially though, widespread intolerance and attempts to impose one’s own truth loom as the leitmotif.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes, no interval

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team


Evča Galbavá Gabriela Dzuríková
Dominika Siváková Barbora Andrešičová
Angelika Cibrínová Zuzana Fialová
Magda Zubáková Edita Borsová (as a guest)
Zora Kováčová Anna Javorková
Peter Singer Richard Stanke
Dorota Fabiánová Dominika Žiaranová (as a guest)
Ivan Kováč Dušan Jamrich
Monika Kováč Lučkajová Diana Mórová
Sveťo Zubák František Kovár
Tomáš Zubák Ľuboš Kostelný
Michal Siman Jozef Vajda
Yvetta Masárová Jana Oľhová
Jaroslav Masár Ján Greššo (as a guest)
Ľudo Kotlár Tomáš Maštalír Martin Kochan (as a guest)
Záchranár Martin Varínsky (as a guest)
Vojak Adam Jančina (as a guest)