Zuzanka Hraskovie/ Dido and Aeneas

Jozef GrešákHenry Purcell

Zuzanka Hraskovie/ Dido and Aeneas


Chamber miniopera performed in Slovak/ Baroque opera in three acts to the antique theme, performed in English

The historical SND building
9. 10. 2021 10. 10. 2021
With the production of Zuzanka Hraskovie the SND Opera Studio works towards its ambition to feature Slovak oeuvres. Jozef Grešák put to music a ballad, one of the treasures in Slovak poetry. The plot is set in village context to tell the story of chicanery with tragic end. Being harassed by her stepmother, the little Zuzanka finds solace by her mother’s grave. Once, on her way home from the cemetery, she falls in the water by a mill and drowns. The waters take her symbolically to her mother by who she at last finds the long hoped for peace. The literary oeuvre by Slovak national poet Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav serves as an ideal foundation for its music stage adaptation. It is no short of sharply gradating climax, and it also bears a strong ethical point.
The leitmotif of the first SND Opera Studio annual edition is Baroque as the time of inception of opera opening doors to SND Opera Studio. Baroque serves as an excellent source of knowledge and is an ideal training platform for young operatic talents to who it can secure professional growth. Baroque opera is therefore a must of a première at the SND Opera Studio.
The Antique myth about the tragic love of the queen of Carthage for Aeneas, the hero of Troy serves as the master for over a hundred of operatic adaptations. A number of them became milestones in operatic history, including the opera by Henry Purcell. The composer had the gift to capture in music the most subtle tremors of human emotions. In his brilliant oeuvre, Purcell raises such questions as Why aren’t humans bestowed with immortality? How hard is it to come to terms with a loss of a beloved? The crux of the story lays in the message about self-sacrifice and self-giving – our of love and for love.
Running time: 2 hrs with one interval
A number of spectators make the première night extra special – ladies especially like to make most of the event and shine in their finest gown or little black dress.

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team

Musical Preparation Peter Zajíček
Conductor Peter Zajíček
Directed by Marek Mokoš
Stage design Marek Mokoš
Costumes Marek Mokoš