Reconciliation or Adventure at Harvest Time

Ján Palárik

Reconciliation or Adventure at Harvest Time


Veselohra o zmierení, dobrodružstve, hrách lásky a náhody v kultovej slovenskej klasike

The new SND building, Drama hall
11. 4. 2015 12. 4. 2015

At the time of Palárik, Slovakia did not yet have its ethnic Slovak theatre. Yet it did have comedies such as this one. It was a way for Slovaks to grasp the opportunities lend by the Enlightenment and fulfill the ambitions of theatre as the platform for morals on top of entertainment. Palárik saw no conflict in the two challenges. His faith in theatre is contagious. It is informed by the genre of world comedy, whilst it sets out national themes, the idea of national, social and gender tolerance. It is not shy of its idealism; the naïve idyll is source of pure joy. Palárik promotes the ideals of natural lifestyle that stands in contrast to the stylised, ridiculous pretence. Whilst ossification, arrogance and stereotypes are ridiculous, the situation is open to change. Reconciliation is not merely a matter of shaking hands with the enemy, but also a matter of learning and coming to terms with prejudice. Egészégedre!

Runnning time: 2 hrs 50 mins with one interval

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Production Team

Directed by Juraj Nvota
Language adaptation Jakub Nvota
Stage design Tomáš Rusín
Choreography Jaroslav Moravčík
Video-projection Lukáš Kodoň
Make up Artist Juraj Steiner


Grófka Elisa Hrabovská Petra Vajdová
Orieška, školský učiteľ Ján Gallovič
Barón Kostrovický František Kovár
Ľudovít, jeho syn Milan Ondrík
Rohoň, zememerač Dano Heriban (as a guest)
Capková, grófkina komorná Jana Oľhová
Suchay, grófkin úradník Vladimír Obšil
Pišta, husár baróna Kostrovického Richard Autner Tomáš Turek (as a guest)
Ženci a žnice Jana Labajová (as a guest) Barbora Drozdová (as a guest) Martin Ďurkáč (as a guest) Tomáš Magát (as a guest) Dávid Uzsák (as a guest) Dominika Žiaranová (as a guest) Michal Spielmann (as a guest) Peter Ondrejička (as a guest) Peter Martinček (as a guest) Bronislava Kováčiková (as a guest) Jakub Jablonský (as a guest) Petra Gavláková (as a guest) László István Béhr (as a guest)
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