Rivers of Babylon

Peter Pišťanek

Rivers of Babylon


Stage adaptation of Slovak cult novel

The new SND building, Studio
30. 1. 2016 31. 1. 2016

Peter Pišťanek’s debut book Rivers of Babylon (1991) has become a cult work in just two decades. The absurd, grotesque, but also cruel story of ordinary heating plant operator Rácz is a modern parody fairy tale, a mystifying and ironic testimony, especially the distorting mirror of thought and post-revolutionary conditions of the 1990s. Country simpleton Rácz with common-sense and a great desire for money and love suffers a series of coincidences and accidents and also happens to work his way up in the big city from the position of heating room operator at Hotel Ambassador to that of the Hotel director. He gains influence over a whole microcosm of profiteers, dubious traders, taxi drivers, thieves, prostitutes, underhand Money changers and former secret police agents. He thereby builds his territory and monopoly - which will also eventually control the political structure. Peter Pišťanek has left behind a legacy of a novel that uses simple, direct, objective language and humour, at times erotic, to tell the story of an end of a national myth about the good, kind, pious, incorruptible, and just patriarchs.

Running time: 1 hrs 50 mins with no interval

Production Team

Adapted and Directed by Diego de Brea
Stage design Diego de Brea


Video Urban Alexander Bárta
Fredy Špáršvajn Branislav Bystriansky
Hurensson / Zdravko Ľubomír Paulovič
Hotel manager František Kovár
Eržika Kiššová Dominika Kavaschová
Restaurant manager Peter Brajerčík (as a guest)
Store manager Dušan Tarageľ
Bartaloš / Mozoň Tomáš Magát (as a guest)