The Bride of the Ridge

František ŠvantnerRoman Polák

The Bride of the Ridge


Vrcholné dielo slovenského naturizmu.

The new SND building, Drama hall
31. 1. 2015 1. 2. 2015

Woman as angel and I as the devil. In the midst of wild mountain scenery full of myths and legends. Water, fire, storms and the wind - in a work by the Slovak Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The masterpiece of Slovak naturism, the literary direction in which Slovak literature was given a place in the European heights. František Švantner as the Slovak Gabriel García Márquez.

The character of Zuna as the archetype of primal women has no equal in Slovak literature of the period. She is almost a mythical figure. Libor dreams of her, however he loves his vision of her more than her herself – the mysterious Zuna, a primal, unpredictable woman who is sensually attractive to his rivals, she herself evokes chaos and spontaneity, as if the world - especially the male one - was something she harmonises around herself.

The Bride of the Ridge offers a descent into the depths of natural instincts, primal passions and pagan rituals that run in our veins, whilst also providing an outlet for natural harmony and lyrical beauty.

Running time: 3 hrs 30 mins with one interval

Production Team

Adapted and Directed by Roman Polák
Dramaturgy Daniel Majling
Stage design Pavel Borák


Miller’s wife Gabriela Dzuríková
Libor’s mother Anna Javorková
Prince Vasilij Ján Gallovič
Prince Boris Ľubomír Bukový (as a guest)
Prince Igor Erik Peťovský (as a guest)
Shepherd’s wife Božidara Turzonovová
Shepherd’s wife’s sister Zuzana Kocúriková
Policeman 1 Dušan Tarageľ
Policeman 2 Ivan Vojtek
Krivý / The Crooked Adam Jančina (as a guest)
Svalnatý / The Muscled Martin Kochan (as a guest)
Vysoký / The Tall Tomáš Stopa (as a guest)
Pekný / The Handsome Martin Varínsky (as a guest)
Girls Barbora Palčíková (as a guest) Monika Potokárová Anna Jakab-Rakovská (as a guest) Danka Svetlíková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Dominika Žiaranová (as a guest)
Townsfolk Mária Faltusová (as a guest) Svetozár Hanes (as a guest) Beáta Hrčková (as a guest) Ivan Nagy (as a guest) Helena Neradovičová (as a guest) Martin Noga