Mika Myllyaho



Contemporary comedy about three women who are losing grip of their lives, until they end up in utter chaos.

The new SND building, Studio
4. 12. 2020

Schedule of performances

Wednesday 24. 11. 2021
19:00 h 20:45 h
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Mika Myllyaho is among the most acclaimed Finnish directors and playwrights of the day. His comedy Chaos has been translated into a number of languages. In Finland, it featured simultaneously on over seven stages. In Slovakia, the first to stage Mika Myllyaho was The Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra in the season of 2016/2017. The production The Panickers was based on the Myllyaho’s text Panic. The Košice-based Hungarian-speaking theatre Thália staged the Chaos in 2017. In the season of 2020/2021 Chaos came out in Slovak translation commissioned by the SND. The contemporary comedy tells the story of three women who are losing grip of their lives until they descend in utter chaos. Sofia is a teacher whose school is about to be shut down. Júlia, the therapist, got involved with her patient, ultimately to lose her job. Ema is an editor trying to save her marriage. As she catches her husband with his lover, problems arise. The characters struggle with their personal issues as much as with the forbidding society. They draw strength and resilience from their close friendship and mutual empathy. Even in the harshest and most chilling situations they find space for humour and wit. We shall embark on their adventurous journey as guided by our three outstanding actresses Diana Mórová, Monika Hilmerová and Táňa Pauhofová, as directed by Enikö Eszenyi, the internationally acclaimed Hungarian stage director and actress.

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes, no interval

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